Florence Crawford


June 8, 1913 — April 18, 2005


Mildred with Virginia
Mildred with Virginia Full size
Florence, Mildred and Virginia
Florence, Mildred and Virginia Full size
Florence with Virginia
Florence with Virginia Full size

These pictures are marked as being on the way home from Richmond, Virginia in 1916 and from the clothing they wore we can guess what time of year it was. Also the final day of adoption was March 17, 1916. At that time Florence would have been between 43 and 44 years of age; Mildred would have been just past 16; and Virginia would have been about 2 years and 9 months.

The probable train route of return to Portland, Oregon (Based on sketchy information)
Richmond, Virginia to Washington DC; Washington DC to Chicago, IL; Chicago, IL to Portland OR

The birth and adoption records are public information and were given to Reverend Darrel D. Lee, Superintendent General of the AF Church, Portland, Oregon who passed them along per the letter below.
The letter and records are listed below for viewing. They are PDF files.


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