Early events in the Portland AF Church

Explore a brief period of our history. When was the first meeting held at NW Sixth Avenue and Burnside Street? How about the first at Front and Burnside? How about the first camp meeting at SE 52nd and Duke Street? This record is only partially completed. If you have inclusions, exclusions or corrections to suggest you may do so by sending an email to azusabooks@gmail.com. Hopefully we will soon have an update for this page.

Date Event
1/1/1901 Agnes Osman was baptised with the Holy Ghost in topeka Kansas. Within about three days, a dozen had been baptized.
4/9/1906 Several ladies were Baptized with the Holy Ghost in a Cottage Meeting on 214 Bonnie Brae St. in Los Angeles
4/15/1906 Mission opened at 312 Azusa St. Los Angeles CA.
9/1/1906 1st AF Paper published in Los Angeles in Sept, 1906
12/29/1906 Florence Crawford arrived in Portland for the first time. Was in the meeting at 2nd and Main St. that afternoon.
1/3/1907 Jail Meetings First held in Portland
3/1/1907 First street meeting held in Portland.
6/2/1907 1st Camp Meeting began at 12th and Division; 3 months
5/31/1908 2nd Camp Meeting began at Mt. Tabor; moved to Front and Burnside 10/1/08
7/1/1908 1st AF Paper published in Portland
10/1/1908 First service at Front and Burnside
10/23/1908 Bro. Ray Crawford was converted. He was nineteen years old.
6/13/1909 3rd Camp Meeting began at Montavilla and lasted until 9/1/1909.
7/3/1910 4th Camp Meeting began at Fulton and lasted until Sept
6/30/1912 6th Camp Meeting began at 18th and Holgate and lasted until 9/1/1912
12/4/1912 1st large Gospel Car obtained for Street Meetings
4/24/1913 Harbor work begun in Portland by Max Hansen. (In one 14 mo. period in 1973-4, 1568 seamen visited Portland Church)
6/29/1913 7th Camp Meeting will begin at Fulton on Sunday 6/29/1913 and continue through July
7/18/1913 1st State Prison visit
?/?/1915 9th Camp Meeting lasted for five weeks. Over 200 tents. Seats 800. 276 people baptized in the Columbia (paper #32)
7/20/1915 Cecil Banta began playing his guitar in the church services
8/27/1915 The Church (including west coast branch churches) now has 14 Gospel Cars
8/3/1916 First Transcontinental Gospel Auto trip began
6/2/1917 136 people received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost during the Kenton Camp Meeting
10/18/1917 1st printing equipment installed (Platen Press)
6/22/1918 A 22 piece orchestra is organized (Rev Ray Crawford, Director)
6/8/1919 Rose Marvin Haggren began playing in the orchestra
7/1/1919 1st Children's Orchestra, Rose City Camp Meeting
10/18/1919 1st AF Paper printed on own Meihle Press. (Paper # 44)
12/6/1919 1st "Armour Bearer" Young People's paper published in Portland
1/26/1920 1st Gospel airplane "Sky Pilot" left Tulsa, OK for Portland. Arrived 2/18/1920
6/6/1920 Edna Hazel (later Edna Crawford) joined the orchestra
6/27/1920 First Camp Meeting held (in a tent) at 52nd and Duke St.in Portland, OR
7/29/1920 May Allen began working in the church office (for more than 55 years)
8/5/1920 Clifford Baltzell began working in Portland Printing plant (for over 55 years)
8/13/1920 Barge "Bluebird" chartered to Swan Island for Baptismal service. 219 Baptized.
9/19/1920 Carl Deffenbaugh began playing in the orchestra (for over 55 years)
11/17/1920 Clifford Baltzell composed "Harvest Time," and more than 225 songs since that time
2/23/1921 Literature distributed by air drop "Sky Pilot"
4/24/1921 First missionary boat "Morning Star I"
6/26/1921 Tabernacle is dedicated on Camp Grounds at 52nd and Duke St. Portland, OR.
10/13/1921 The 1 million mark was first reached for all literature printed in the Portland plant in one year
6/9/1922 New Church built at 6th and Burnside St. Portland, OR
6/18/1922 Last service at Front and Burnside
8/27/1922 Headquarters Church at Sixth & Burnside dedicated
10/7/1922 1st Radio Broadcast from Stubbs Electric in Portland, OR
?/?/1923 Phil Brown began playing the piano for church. He wrote his first hymn in 1934 and more than 250 since then
8/17/1925 First Gospel trip by boat, Morning Star III, to Puget Sound
9/23/1930 The wall of the Sixth & Burnside headquarters was moved
5/9/1932 First annual church concert in Portland
6/20/1936 Florence crawford died and Ray Crawford became General Overseer
12/7/1946 A series of Bible Studies curriculum is published
12/22/1947 First annual Sunday School program is held
10/10/1948 George Hughes left on first missionary trip to Africa
7/25/1950 First trip by Lower Light and crew
2/12/1953 Art Allen & family went to Japan as missionaries
11/26/1956 First Apostolic Faith missionaries left for the West Indies
9/28/1958 First camp meeting in Century, Florida
8/2/1959 First Camp Meeting held in Lagos, Nigeria
8/19/1961 First Midwest Camp meeting held at Edwardsville, llinois
6/4/1965 Loyce Carver becomes General Overseer
3/23/1966 Harold & Sally Barrett went to Korea as missionaries
5/19/1980 Church office moved to 6615 SE 52nd Ave
5/23/1980 Farewell service held at Sixth abd Burnside
5/27/1984 Church at 5601 SE Duke Street dedicated
7/10/1993 Dwight Baltzell appointed General Overseer
6/18/1998 Church website went live
7/8/2000 Darrel Lee became Supreintendent General
7/8/2006 100 Year Anniversary Celebration

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