A new and more telling method to describe the severity of the trials facing you. (Just for fun)

If you are going through the valley, stop reading here, Prov. 25:20

This scale is a standardized method for evaluating tests and trials we often endure as Christians.

On a scale of one to ten, with a minor annoyance as one on the scale and a trial with the severity of Job’s trail as a number ten, list the severity of your test or trial. If the trial lasts more than one year, add one point. If the trial lasts more than five years, add another point. Thus if a trial of three on the scale lasts two years, it becomes a trial of four on the scale. If the same trial lasts six years the severity becomes a trial of five on the scale.

This gives a unified method for evaluating trials for bragging rights; you can compare numbers more meaningfully. It is a more uniform method of comparing trials than the old cliché which simply says, “My operation was worse than your operation” or “My trial is harder than your trial.” We can now describe more clearly just how bad it is.

(Just for fun)

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