How long did camp meeting last?

A 'reasonably' accurate record of the lengths of Portland camp meetings since 1908. Sometimes camp meeting lasted a longer or shorter time than originally scheduled, but this record is pretty close to the actual.

In 1908 it appears they may have kept the camp meeting going until the (new) church at Front and Burnside was ready for occupancy, October 1, 1908

From Portland AF Paper #5, FEBRUARY AND MARCH 1909 — There will be an Apostolic Faith Camp Meeting in Portland, Ore., beginning the middle of June and continuing two months, if Jesus tarries.

From Portland AF Paper #14, May to July, 1910 — The Apostolic Faith camp meeting at Portland began July 3 and will continue, the Lord willing, until September.

From Portland AF Paper #17, 1911 — God truly visited the Camp Meeting of 1911, the fifth great yearly gathering in Portland which lasted two months.

From Portland AF Paper #19, 1912 — June 30th to Sep. 1st, at 18th and Holgate Streets. This is the 6th Annual Camp Meeting conducted by the Apostolic Faith Mission, Front and Burnside Sts. Two months of the wonderful outpouring of the Spirit.

From Portland AF Paper #23, 1913 — Meetings will begin the last Sunday in June (June 29), and will continue all through July, the Lord willing.

From Portland AF Paper #28, 1914 — (Duration of camp meeting not stated.)

From Portland AF Paper #32, 1915 — The Camp Meeting closed after five weeks of the most marvelous outpouring of the Spirit.

From Portland AF Paper #37, 1917 — From the very first Meeting up to the close of the six weeks when the sacred old Tabernacle had to be lowered, the mighty power of God rested upon the place. The meeting began on Sunday, June 24th.

From Portland AF Paper #40, 1918 — God surely walked in the midst of His people from the very beginning of the meeting, until the end. For six weeks the great chorus of song and music could be heard a mile away.

From Portland AF Paper #42, 1919 — We are looking forward to the most wonderful Camp Meeting this summer we have ever seen, if Jesus tarries. It will begin the last of June continuing for six* weeks.

Length and locations of camp meetings from 1908 at Mt Tabor until 1920 at 52nd and Duke St.

1908 Elsie Ott 3 Months Mt Tabor
1909 AF paper #5 2 Months Montavilla
1910 AF paper #14 2 Months Fulton
1911 AF paper #17 2 Months 11th & Division
1912 AF paper #19 2 Months 18th & Holgate
1913 AF paper #23 5 Weeks Fulton
1914 Elsie Ott Not stated Alberta
1915 AF paper #32 5 weeks Kenton
1916 Elsie Ott Not stated Kenton
1917 AF paper #37 6 weeks Kenton
1918 AF paper #40 6 weeks Kenton
1919 AF paper #44 7 weeks* Rose City
1920 AF paper #47 7 weeks 52nd & Duke (Tent)
*At the end of this article see a letter written from the Rose City Campgrounds in 1919.

Length of camp meetings at 52nd and Duke from 1921 until the death of Sister Crawford June 1936.

1921 7 weeks AF paper #50 15
1922 7 weeks AF paper #52 16
1923 17
1924 7 Weeks Flyer (pvt. col.) June 29th to Aug 17th 18
1925 19
1926 7 weeks Flyer (pvt. col.) June 27th to Aug 15th 20
1927 7 Weeks Morning Star 5-4 21
1928 22
1929 23
1930 7 weeks Flyer (pvt. col.) June 29th to Aug 17th 24
1931 5 weeks Morning Star 11-4 June 28th to Aug 2nd 25
1932 26
1933 27
1934 28
1935 29
1936 5 weeks Flyer (pvt. col.) June 28th to Aug 2nd 30

Note 1. Numbers listed under "ANNUAL CAMP MEETING" count the number of camp meetings conducted in Portland including the 1907 camp meeting at 12th and Division St. which was conducted before Sister Crawford moved to Portland and assumed leadership of the church in 1908.

(pvt. col.) A privately owned collection of fliers/dodgers announcing the camp meetings.

Length of camp meetings at 52nd and Duke from 1937 until 1965 while Bro. Ray Crawford was Overseer

1937 6 Weeks Morning Star 14-1 June 27th, to Aug 8th 31
1938 5 Weeks Morning Star 15-2 June 28th to Aug 2nd 32
1939 5 Weeks Morning Star 16-1 July 2nd, to Aug 6th 33
1940 5 Weeks Morning Star 18-1 July 7th to Aug 11th 34
1941 5 Weeks Morning Star 20-1 July 6th to Aug 10th 35
1942 7 Weeks Morning Star 22-1 July 5th to Aug 23rd 36
1943 None Morning Star 23-1 none none
1944 5 Weeks Morning Star 25-1 July 2nd to Aug 6th 37
1945 3 Weeks Morning Star 27-1 July 1st to July 22nd 38
1946 3 Weeks Morning Star 28-4 July 7th to July 28 39
1947 3 Weeks Morning Star 30-1 July 6th to July 27th 40
1948 3 Weeks 41
1949 3 Weeks 42
1950 3 Weeks 43
1951 3 Weeks 44
1952 3 Weeks 45
1953 3 Weeks 46
1954 3 Weeks 47
1955 3 Weeks AF Vol. 48-2 July 31st to Aug 21st 48
1956 3 Weeks AF Vol. 49-2 Starting July 29 49
1957 3 Weeks 50
1958 3 Weeks 51
1959 3 Weeks June 28th to July 19 52
1960 3 Weeks 53
1961 3 Weeks July 2 to July 23 54
1962 3 Weeks 55
1963 3 Weeks 56
1964 3 Weeks 57
1965 3 Weeks 58

Length of camp meetings at 52nd and Duke from 1966 until 1993 while Bro. Carver was Overseer

1966 thru 19883 weeks59 thru 81
1989 thru 19932 weeks82 thru 86

Length of camp meetings at 52nd and Duke from 1994 'till the present time (2010) under Superintendents General Bro Dwight Baltzell 1994 to 2000 and Bro Darrel Lee 2001 'till the present time.

1994 thru 20102 weeks87 thru 103

A Letter Written From the Camp Ground Rose City Camp Ground, Portland, Ore.

Dear Friends:

In the last days God said He would pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh and His sons and daughters should prophesy. How we thank God that we are living in these wonderful last days, and God has raised up a people that can witness in the power of the Spirit, and tell what great things the Lord has done for them through the power of the Latter Rain Gospel. This Gospel is spreading over the earth and finding its way into many a darkened home. We can realize it more as the saints gather from the different parts of the earth, to the Camp Meetings that are held yearly.

We are now in the midst of the greatest and largest Camp Meeting we have ever seen, which began June 22nd, and will continue seven weeks, to August 10th. God has been pouring out His Spirit in old time power the past winter and spring, saving souls in a wonderful way, many of whom are present now, at the opening of this Camp Meeting, that have never been in a Camp Meeting before.

The large beautiful white new Tabernacle can be seen above the groves of pines; and the songs from hundreds of redeemed souls, float out on the air, and can be heard for blocks. The melody and song seems to come down from the skies, and draw you into the place of prayer.

Fallen men and women, drunkards and ex-convicts, business men, and ministers that have filled pulpits found they were unsaved, have been delivered from sin, but are now standing and witnessing for God in the power of the Spirit. Souls are being saved, sanctified and baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire every night.

Prayer meetings are held in the mornings, testimony and Bible teaching in the afternoon, services at night where hundreds of people hear the full gospel preached. The mighty power of God is felt all through the grounds, as well as in the Tabernacle.

The large platform, extending nearly across one end of the Tabernacle, seats 140 people. The orchestra, the ministers, and many street workers are grouped on the platform, an army of workers for souls. The beautiful songs, in which a thousand or more voices join, are accompanied by the large orchestra - the coronets, slide trombones, clarinets, saxophones, melaphones and stringed instruments of different kinds, is in the hands of those who love God and souls. The hills around echo the music and many souls are being won for God. The faces beam with joy as the testimonies go forth, and often dozens of people are weeping and praising God, as the different ones tell of the great things God has done for them.

The Tabernacle is brightly lighted with electric lights at night, and many Scripture mottoes are over the front of the Tabernacle. It is seated with the most comfortable seats, made by our saints specially for the meetings. The seats are like those seen in parks. They can be folded and stored away for next Camp Meeting, if Jesus tarries. Surely God is giving people every opportunity to seek Him these days. Many will remember the old time Camp Meetings, when we only had the blue sky overhead, and seats were fallen logs of trees, and bon-fires or flaming torches were the only lights, but in these days we have the most comfortable and modern conveniences for those that are searching after God. Here sawdust and straw carpets the Tabernacle, and hundreds will fall on their knees about the altar as soon as the altar call is given. The whole front of the Tabernacle at once becomes an altar, and prayer goes on for hours. The sound of multitudes of voices is as the sound of many waters in the distance. You can feel the power of God long before you reach the grounds.

There was much labor, for weeks and weeks, in preparing the Camp Ground, clearing away the limbs and trees, and making a place for the hundred of tents to be pitched. The Mission workers give their time, after working hours, to prepare the grounds. At the close of a hard day's work in the ship yards and the different places of business, they would hasten to the Camp Grounds and work until dark. The work went on for weeks, making the Camp Grounds what it is today.

The Camp Grounds are on the Rose City car-line at 59th Street, in a large grove of thick evergreen trees where no Camp Meeting has ever been held before. There was one large open space for the Tabernacle, and around it for blocks is a forest of beautiful trees, which now is a city of tents, at night lighted by electric lights. Water has been piped over the grounds, and hot and cold water for the convenience of the campers at the wash tent, and many conveniences prepared for the visitors.

The Tabernacle seats 1,200 people, and on Sundays is filled to overflowing. Extra benches were brought in to seat the crowds. Hundreds are hearing the Word of God preached and the wonderful testimonies. Miracles of healing are being witnessed to, and many present have been wonderfully delivered from lives of sin.

The Tabernacle is certainly beautiful as it towers above the trees, and makes you think of the tabernacle of old, where the pillar of cloud always rested above it; and we know that, although unseen, it rests over this spot today. We have worn out a number of tabernacles in this work in the past thirteen years, and every one of them has been sacred to us, so many souls have been redeemed under each Tabernacle. Some of them have passed on to be with Jesus, while others are preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom.

Many are receiving the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and speaking in tongues, saying that Jesus is coming soon - "He comes! He comes as King! Go tell it, quickly, quickly!" This is spoken in the unknown language, and understood by those present. It was a beautiful sight to see four little girls that had received their baptism, praying around others that were seeking. These girls were lying under the power, side by side, lifting their hands and praising Jesus, the Spirit speaking through them in tongues. A little Syrian girl, whose parents were Catholics but are now in this Gospel, received her baptism.

One night a number were receiving their baptism, and the place was filled with the presence and power of God, the saints all rejoicing, the Spirit speaking in other tongues of the coming of Jesus, in languages that was understood, (which goes on night after night,) a sister from Kentucky was receiving the baptism at one end of the altar, and on the other side of the Tabernacle, a minister was receiving the baptism at the same time.

Four Gospel Autos with a large band of workers go out every night from the Camp Meeting, holding street meetings in different parts of the city. On Sunday night seven different meetings are taking place at one time, before the meeting in the Tabernacle, including meetings in the city and county jails, the Finnish street meetings in their own language and Gospel Auto meetings.

As the crowds are on their way to the Camp Meeting every night, the Gospel Autos pass them with colors flying, the stars and stripes, as every band of street workers in Portland carries the American flag. And it is such a beautiful sight to see the Gospel Cars coming into camp with singing and music, by the bands of consecrated workers who are faithfully laboring for the salvation of souls, holding up the Gospel banner. The workers and singers have consecrated their lives to God, singing the Gospel and playing instruments every night in the year, on the street, behind the bars and everywhere that souls can be reached.

God is giving a real revival in the salvation of souls, and most wonderful cases of sanctification. A man that was dying in the hospital with epileptic fits, was prayed for, and was wonderfully healed. He came to the Tabernacle and was saved. A man came and confessed to the ministry that he had shot a man and was out on bonds, and ran away from the law. He was advised to make his restitution, and seek God at any cost. God wonderfully saved him, after he made his confessions, and later wonderfully sanctified him.

A Swedish sister received a wonderful baptism of the Holy Ghost at the mission just before Camp Meeting. Her brother is a minister in this city. She and her husband went there and testified in the church, and told what God had done for them, and the minister asked how many of the people wanted the same experience, and everyone raised their hands, and a revival spirit came on the people.

A sister came from Idaho to the Camp Meeting. She came three years ago to the Camp Meeting in a wheel chair, had been an invalid, unable to walk for years with a complication of diseases. She was prayed for and the Lord healed her instantly and told her to rise and walk which she did, and came walking into the Tabernacle by herself, a miracle which was witnessed by hundreds of people. She came back with the joy of Heaven shining on her face, and praises to God that she is able to walk on the Camp Grounds.

A sister testified: "God healed me of awful cancers. I went back and told the physician, and he said 'God alone could do it; I gave you only two months to live.' My little girl had infantile paralysis; her limbs were stiff. I was so discouraged, and a voice spoke out of Heaven and said, 'After having done all, stand.' How I praise God, he healed her instantly. We went to supper one evening and she walked out by herself and got herself a drink. God had healed her. When my little baby was a solid mass of eczema from the crown of its head to the sole of its feet, God touched and healed him. I praise Him for the healing virtue, but more for saving grace."

The children have a tabernacle of their own, where their meetings are held. There is always a wonderful revival among the children every year. It has been going on in the mission for months, the children pressing to the altar, and when the altar is too full to accommodate the children, they will fill rows of chairs on the platform in the old Mission Hall at the Corner of Front and Burnside, seeking God. Many of them have been saved, sanctified and baptized. The power falls in their meetings and it is a wonderful sight to see them testify and pray and hear them sing. In the large tabernacle the children are among the very first to get to the altar after the altar call is given.

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